Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Use of MastersInSocialWork.org (Effective January 5, 2016)

MastersInSocialWork.org thanks you for using our website. This document explains how we gather and maintain certain types of data to give users content, products, and services relevant to education. By using MastersInSocialWork.org, you automatically agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

MastersInSocialWork.org collects and uses two types of data, described in greater detail below. They include: submitted information and automatic information.

Submitted information is submitted to us voluntarily by users via our web forms. It includes personal information (like name, telephone number, mailing address and email address) and is used to help match users to education-related products and services. MastersInSocialWork.org gathers this information, stores it and distributes it to schools and our third-party partners as necessary to help equip you with information about schools and education-related programs and services.

Your voluntary submission authorizes MastersInSocialWork.org our partner schools and vendors to contact you regarding education options and related topics via telephone, text messages, email or mail, in compliance with relevant laws. Find more information below on this and other important topics. If you receive any unwanted emails from from MastersInSocialWork.org or one of our partners, you will be afforded the ability to unsubscribe through a link in the email. Clicking this link will remove you from that sender’s further mailings.

Automatic information is anonymous information automatically gathered whenever you interact with MastersInSocialWork.org. This practice is common with most websites. We mainly use this information to make improvements to our website, such as creating a more relevant user experience. We use “cookies” to gather and maintain anonymous data for the purpose of web analytics, site optimization, personalized advertising, and marketing purposes. Examples of anonymous data include your IP address, browser version, and the version of your operating system, among other things. Find additional information about MastersInSocialWork.org’s use of cookies below.

When you use our website, you automatically acknowledge and agree to our potential release of gathered information to schools and third-party partners. By releasing this information, MastersInSocialWork.org can better equip users with degree information and other education-related products and services. In using our website, you grant us the right release any stored information (personal or otherwise) to companies that provide us with administration services, like email delivery.

Through your voluntary submission of personal information to MastersInSocialWork.org, you automatically authorize us and our partners to contact you (via telephone, text message, email, or mail) to provide you marketing information regarding education-related services and other products. Through your submission, you also grant us and our third-party affiliates the right to contact you for a limited period. During this period, you give up your rights under the Do Not Call list and potentially other applicable laws.

When you submit personal information to us, you additionally grant MastersInSocialWork.org the authority to release this information in any case where disclosure is required by law, like to abide by a subpoena or another legal procedure. We exercise this right only when we hold a good faith belief that release of your personal information is required to preserve our rights, ensure the safety of you or others, to investigate alleged fraud, or answer a governmental or legal request. In addition, if MastersInSocialWork.org merges with or acquires another business, or sells all or part of its assets to another company, we may also be required to release your personal information.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Changes Notification

In the future, we may change our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy if our policies change. Therefore, you should consult this page periodically for up-to-date MastersInSocialWork.org practices regarding your privacy and other relevant information.

Cookie Policy

MastersInSocialWork.org uses “cookies,” small pieces of data dispatched from a website to your browser, for a variety of technical purposes such as web analytics. When you use MastersInSocialWork.org, we assume you consent to our use of cookies. We perform web analytics mainly using a Google, Inc. tool called Google Analytics. Via cookies, advertisers can tailor ads to the unique interests of individual users. Users remain completely anonymous because cookies do not contain personal information. Third-party cookies, also known as advertising cookies, track users’ browsing and navigation, and publish ads on third parties’ behalf.

Consult Google’s privacy policy if you have remaining questions about Google Analytics here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html.

MastersInSocialWork.org and our partners use cookies mainly in the following three ways:

You can remove cookies at any time via your browser settings, although generally on a per-use, rather than one-time basis. Users can also unsubscribe from receiving individualized ads from third-parties and advertisers when they are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), or follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. When you visit the opt-out pages of these websites, you can unsubscribe from receiving these types of ads.

Contact Information

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