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If you’re still in the process of deciding whether a master’s in social work program is for you, reading the blogs and Twitter feeds provide personal insight into the field as well as professional commentary on current practices, policies and the world we live in.


In most, if not all, cases, having a few years of experience working under the supervision of a licensed social worker is required to earn licensure and certification. While most schools have practicum requirements as part of their MSW programs, graduates will still need to find an internship for after they’ve earned their degree. We’ve posted links to a few internship opportunities below, and you may be able to find postings interns on the job boards.

Job Resources

We have provided links for those who are close to graduation or who have already earned their degree and need to know about licensing and certification options, networking opportunities and where to find a job.

  • American Case Management Association

    The American Case Management Association (ACMA) provides users with access to a job board dedicated to case manager positions. There is no search function, but it is possible to sort the employment opportunities by title, organization, state and date posted.

    • Narrow listings by state
    • Jobs are specific to case managers
  • American Public Human Services Association

    The APHSA, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, families and communities, provides access to this searchable job database for members and non-members. By signing up for a free account, users can save their searches and the jobs they want to apply to or explore further. They are also able to upload their resumes, cover letters and letters of reference and apply to a position directly from the site. Jobs listed on the APHSA’s board focus on those that match the organization’s mission statement. Opportunities include postings for case managers, community nurses and health analysts.

    • Over 1,600 employment opportunities listed
    • Member of the Nonprofit Job Board Network
    • Save searches and individual job postings
    • Create a job alert
    • Post resumes and cover letters
    • Career coaching
    • Advice from experts in the field
  • Clinical Social Work Association

    The CSWA’s job board features employment opportunities for social workers at hospitals, outpatient facilities, nursing homes and universities. Though there is no search feature, each of the listings is specific to the CSWA’s member niche. Users who create an account for this job board can post their resumes; recruiters can view these anonymously, or they can be quickly added to an application that’s completed through the job board.

    • 400+ jobs included on this board
    • Member of the Nonprofit Job Board Network
    • Free to sign up for an account on the board
    • Members can save job postings and set up alerts
  • The Social Work Career Center

    The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) hosts a number of online job search resources and a job board that lists employment opportunities relevant to the organization’s members. Users are not required to be NASW members to sign up for an account to access all features of the job board, such as creating job alerts and saving opportunities you’re interested in applying for. Jobs listed on the board are from over 20 sectors, including: government, public health, K-12 schools, outpatient centers and private practices.

    • Nearly 700 jobs currently posted to this board
    • Career Learning Center videos
  • The Network for Social Work Management

    The NSWM, an organization that strives “to strengthen social work leadership in health and human services” , hosts a job board that focuses on the health services side of this field. The majority of the employment opportunities on this board are under the operations, allied health and mental health/social services disciplines. The career center offers access to reference checking, resume writing and career coaching resources, but these are paid services.


Attending a conference allows you to immerse yourself into niche interests and remain abreast of new trends, practices and policies in your field. Some conferences may count as continuing education credits for license or credential renewal.

  • 32nd Annual Association for Play Therapy International Conference

    Atlanta, GA | October 6-11, 2015

    The Association for Play Therapy allows professionals to earn continuing education credit while learning about the latest research and theories in play therapy.

  • SSWR 20th Annual Conference Anniversary

    Washington, D.C. | January 13-17, 2016

    This conference, entitled “Grand Challenges for Social Work: Setting a Research Agenda for the Future”, offers attendees over 500 sessions, panels, workshops and more. Discussions will cover a range of topics, including HIV/AIDS, welfare reform and aging, among others.

  • National School Social Work Conference

    Baltimore, MD | March 9-12, 2016

    Hosted by the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA), school social workers can earn continuing education units while participating in seminars and sessions that cover the issues faced and skills needed by these professionals.

  • Case Management Conference

    Tampa, FL | April 3-6, 2016

    The American Case Management Association (ACMA) hosts an annual conference that gives professionals an opportunity to network and discuss new ways to approach their cases with their peers and vendors. Continue to check the website for more information.

  • Annual NOFSW Conference

    San Francisco, California | April 13-16, 2016

    The National Organization of Forensic Social Work’s 2015 conference, Forensic Practice: Promoting Social Justice for All Through Policy and Practice Reform, focused on racism, prejudice and oppression and work to find ways to ensure ‘justice for all’.